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Kenya Marine Mammal Network

For those of you who have ever seen dolphins in Kenya – this will come as an exciting development! In partnership with Watamu Marine Association (WMA) and the Kenya Association of Sea Anglers (KASA); we have been able to establish a national network for reporting of all dolphin and whale sightings. This will involve sports fishing boats, dive companies, private boat owners and tourist dolphin watching trips to try and get as much information as possible about the cetaceans on the Kenyan coast.

We hope to get some new and exciting sightings, and as the reports start to come in, we are all hopeful for 2012 as a pivotal year for marine mammal conservation in Kenya. Look up WMA on facebook for more details, photographs and blogs: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Watamu-Marine-Association/275519980370.

The Dangers Of Composting…

Greetings all

Just a quickie tonight I’m afraid as things are all go here and time is a precious commodity at the moment!

Us GVI folk here in Shimoni have had a busy weekend – we’ve moved into a new house!  This is good news for several reasons…

Firstly, we are now slap bang in the middle of the community, whereas before we were somewhat isolated in the grounds of a hotel.  We feel this is going to have big impacts on the way we are viewed by the community, and hopefully this will help with the many community projects we are currently working on.  It will also help us feel more part of Shimoni, help us to get to know people better, and will strengthen our existing relationships.  

Secondly, we are right on the edge of the forest!  From our back yard, we can look out into the canopy, and just today, Adam (our community officer) was taking out the compost only to be confronted by a very large, male yellow baboon!  We are now considering moving our compost pile slightly further away from the house…
We have also seen colobus monkeys hanging out in the trees – we could do behavioural surveys from our back garden!

It’s a very exciting move, and despite the inevitable teething problems associated with moving house, things are looking up.  Today we got a new water pump fitted, so we can now shower!  Happy days.

I will be back tomorrow with some more exciting blog action from the south coast of Kenya!

Best wishes