Monthly Archives: January 2012

A newborn Humpback joins the family

On Friday the GVI Kenya Marine team were lucky enough to spot humpback dolphins, one of the rarer species of cetacean found on the Kenyan coast. We were traveling slowly through the busy channel at 7am when Sophie spotted the first dolphin of the new year! This was exciting enough, but as we watched it […]

Baboons in Shimoni – birth peaks and mating

Yellow baboons are quite common in Shimoni and are commonly regarded as infamous pests that are brazen enough to steal food from inside a human dwelling. Yet however obnoxious they may become they remain fascinating from a primate behavioral standpoint. Mating behavior in particular, is especially interesting and has even been observed from the back […]

Reef Fish Surveys

Ongoing research in the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine protected area of Kenya has always included snorkel surveys for reef fish. To this point only target species have been identified by competent individuals. Reef Fish counts of various genera including parrot fish, trigger fish, butterfly fish, angel fish, groupers, and snappers, are recorded on dive-slates. Our goal is […]

Bottlenose vs squid

Over the past few weeks during our sightings, our bottlenose dolphins have demonstrated some of their stranger feeding habits! We have been fortunate to have perfect weather conditions for following the dolphins in their daily routine and completing comprehensive behaviour surveys – and this has allowed us to observe an adult leaping clear of the […]