Monthly Archives: December 2011

Kenya Marine Mammal Network

For those of you who have ever seen dolphins in Kenya – this will come as an exciting development! In partnership with Watamu Marine Association (WMA) and the Kenya Association of Sea Anglers (KASA); we have been able to establish a national network for reporting of all dolphin and whale sightings. This will involve sports […]

Green turtle stranding

This is a photograph taken last week on the marine project… a perfectly preserved and beautiful stranded green turtle. We couldn’t determine the cause of death as it appeared intact with no injury visible. One of the major problems with sea turtles is injestion of plastics discarded into the ocean; so this could have been […]

Tourist dhow operator training workshop

This last weekend KWS organised a refresher training for the guides and captains who operate the dolphin watching tours out of Mkwiro. We often work quite closely with these individuals, accompanying their tours at least once a week and living in the same village as most of them. The training ran for two afternoons and¬†explained […]