Monthly Archives: October 2011

Tiger sharks

We all know about the presence of tiger sharks in the waters surrounding Kisite Island.. Actually, the Pemba Channel is renowned all around the world for being one of the best places for deep-sea game fishing, and  anglers travel long distances to come to this area to fish tuna, swordfish, sailfish and, you have guessed […]

Humpback Whales

Today’s marine survey was sadly interrupted with news of a dead humpback whale adrift just outside the marine park. We made a collective decision to leave our planned route to investigate the situation. As we headed in the direction of the reported sighting the body became visible in the distance. Faridi, our boat captain, had […]

Presenting Community Conservation at the WIOMSA symposium

Exciting news! Recently we submitted a new abstract for the WIOMSA symposium we are going to present is titled “The role of environmental education in community initiatives for biodiversity conservation”. Even if it was decided to be presented pretty late, we feel proud of this last poster, in which we are going to present our […]

Don’t mess with baboons

In Africa, baboons figure in the list of main worries for many development workers. This is especially true in the case of the human-habituated troops that roam freely around villages and theirs outskirts. This animals approach houses to scavenge on rubbish and organic residues, and it’s pretty frequent to see them close to our house. […]

Feathery friends from Shimoni

Our black and white Colobus studies are obviously our main priority, important and very interesting. I can’t help though to every now and again walk away from the telescope, put my GPS down and hand over my field-forms and sneak off to find birds. East Africa has 182 official Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and Shimoni […]