Monthly Archives: May 2011

Finding out more about Turtle Conservation

The partner relationship between GVI and Msambweni Turtle and Marine Conservation Group continues to grow through 2011, this week with a visit from the intern team to discuss current activities of the group and their personal experiences with sea turtle conservation. We were joined by Douglas, from KESCOM who gave a presentation about turtle conservation […]

Forest Cobra found in Mkwiro!

Forest Cobra (Naja melanoleuca) Last week a brown forest cobra was found living on GVI base in Mkwiro. Known to inhabit a range of forest types this terrestrial snake is both a good climber and a proficient swimmer, sometimes considered semi-aquatic. Characteristic of cobras, when angry it rears up and spreads its long narrow hood. […]

Various sightings

Below are a few of the recent sightings our forest team have seen around the area during  various surveys. Whip Spider (Phrynicodamon scullyi). Use its elongated front legs not for walking but as feelers. These arachnids usually move sideways using their sensory legs to feel for prey that is then caught with the large raptorial pedipalps. […]

Progress with our Reef Fish Surveys

In a blog earlier this year we discussed our plans for developing and improving reef fish surveys in Kisite Mpunguti Marine Protected Area. We thought it was time for an update… We have been busy doing surveys 1 and 2 on almost all of our survey transects through this and the previous expedition, with volunteers […]

An update from Marine’s bird surveys

The past 6 weeks we have been continuing our bird surveys on the island and have generally been a bit more attentive as to the different species we see around base! Mangroves can be an important habitat for nesting and feeding of migratory birds, and this coastal area is home to several species of marine bird […]

Mating behavior of speckled lipped skinks

The speckled lipped skink (Mabuya maculilabris) is common in East-Africa near natural water sources. They are beautiful and quite subtly colored animals. This afternoon we were lucky enough to witness some of their mating behavior.

A visit to Watamu Marine Association

Last week the marine team were fortunate enough to go on a mini road trip and visit the Watamu Marine Association early on Friday morning. Watamu is a small village on the Kenyan coast which has pristine beaches and reef protected lagoons. The Watamu Marine Association (WMA) was formed in 2007 with the vision of […]