Monthly Archives: March 2011

Initial finding from the mangrove questionnaires

During this expedition we have conducted mangrove questionnaires with members of the Mkwiro community. We asked a range of people, male, female, old, young, fishermen, weavers and askaris to tell us what they know about the Mkwiro mangroves. The questionnaire was designed to gain information about the use, economic benefit and also their opinions about the […]

Solitary predators of the reef

Over the last few weeks we’ve been lucky enough to see a variety of eels whilst snorkelling off the reefs of the KMMPA (Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Protected Area). Eels are one of our lesser spotted inhabitants, often hiding in holes and crevasses. So you’ll need a good eye if you want to spot one. They come […]

Moving forward, conserving together

Following on from our last blog, talking about the problem of spear fishing, recently some positive action to address such problems has been taken by local Beach Management Units (BMUs) alongside the Fisheries Department, East African Wildlife Society (EAWLS) and Kenyan Wildlife Service. Facilitated and funded by Flora and Fauna International, last week Shimoni held […]

Four-toed elephant shrew found!

The four –toed elephant shrew (Petrodromus tetradactylus) is a brown, rat-sized elephant shrew with a large head and ears its legs are light coloured and very slender with only four toes. This particular shrew is found distributed throughout SE and central Africa found primarily in dense evergreen undergrowth in caesalpinoid forests, woodlands and thickets. It […]

The problem of spear fishing

During the past 3 months, GVIs marine team have noticed an increased number of sightings of spear fishermen; that is fishermen snorkelling carrying illegal spear guns off the shallow reefs around Wasini Island. Spear fishing is illegal in Kenya due to the damage it causes to coral reefs when the spear is shot and misses […]