Monthly Archives: November 2010

A Whale(shark) of a Time

So the morning was a little overcast, as we are moving into the “Short Rains” that’s not too surprising, and with the sea a little choppy we changed our plans for the day and instead of going out deep looking for spinner dolphins we decided to head to the more sheltered snorkel transect.   As […]

Underwater Exploration!

As part of the reef fish studies we are regularly looking for new places to snorkel that will enable us to better monitor the diversity and health of the reefs around the Kisite and Mpunguti Marine Protected Area.   We were recently able to snorkel the east side of Lower Mpunguti for the first time […]

A marine mammal extravaganza

We were up early on Tuesday morning the plan being to first head into deeper water before cutting back across to Kisite Marine Park and to Transect 9. No sooner had we left the channel when a small group of bottlenose dolphins were spotted. We made our way over and managed to Mark Recapture them. This […]

Surveys on the new Mangrove transects

Commencing week 8 of expo 104 saw yet more new discoveries in the mangrove forests of Wasini Island. During our exploratory trips to the south coast of the island, the conservation team stumbled across not one but two cut-through paths running directly south into the dense mangroves and out into the sea. These paths used […]

Deep Water Dolphins!

At this time of year we like to make the most of the calm seas by going out, into deeper waters, east of Wasini island.  Last week we tested ourselves by leaving at 5:30am, to see what we could see and witness the sunrise over the ocean. After a stunning sunrise, we headed east, around […]

Blushing Hawks!

Yesterday we went on a walk to a village west of Shimoni named Kibuyuni. We were looking to see what wildlife we might encounter in the forest surrounding the village. However, we never really managed to get to the village. There were just too many birds to spot everywhere. Especially noteworthy were the raptors (birds […]

Indicator Plots

Among the additions to GVI’s surveys are our Indicator plot studies. Indicator plots enable an intensive study to be made of a 50m x 50m sample of the forest habitat.   Several surveys will be carried out within the plot to gauge levels of disturbance, biodiversity, and vegetation makeup. So far, two such surveys have been […]

Tree Survey – Seeing what Shimoni Forest is really made of

GVI has started conducting 2 new surveys in Shimoni Forest, and the first was called “Tree Survey”. Which is all well and good, but how exactly does somebody go about surveying trees – and why? Big trees are unquestionably among the most important aspects of any forest, providing both food and habitat, either directly or […]

Humpnose Bottlebacks?

This is a follow up of the October blog about Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) and Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). A month after our last sighting of around 6 bottlenose and 2 humpback dolphins mating, we spotted a group of the same composition. After analysing photos of the two sightings it appears that these […]

Angolan Black and White Colobus Jump Distance Survey

This week we managed to finalise the plan and method before creating an appropriate spreadsheet on excel that was printed out to be used as a data sheet in the field. However a combination of extensive power cuts and illness here in Shimoni combined with few Colobus sightings ultimately resulted in just two sets of […]