Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Changing Face of Shimoni East

Being a person of very little spatial awareness, and lacking any sense of direction, right from our very first few trips into the forest I was hugely impressed by the knowledge of the staff and the ease with which they found their way around.  Imagine my surprise then, when last week we found ourselves in […]

Setting up camp

Expedition 103 welcomed Zeno to the GVI staff team as ‘Terrestrial Science Officer’. Zeno joined the staff team full of exciting ideas as to how we can expand the research we have been conducting in the forests to the East and West of Shimoni village. One of the main new objectives is to conduct a […]

Earthly companions

Without any effort we spot insects we haven’t seen before every day. Beetles, butterflies, wasp, dragonflies, ants etc. There must be a lot of interesting endemic species out there to discover, each having its own intricate reproductive behavior, feeding habits and habitat. Apart from lepidoptera (butterflies), entomology field-guides of East-Africa are few and far between, so we […]

Speckled-lipped Skink posing

Sometimes the wildlife finds us, like this skink we just spotted in our backyard. Even at midday with full sun it didn’t seem to think of running away as a wise strategy.

A selection of tracks

Daily rains make spotting wildlife harder. Vegetation covers everything and with all the mud it is difficult to cover a lot of ground. One thing the mud does bring us though is very clear tracks! It is quite hard to  identify species reliably but they give us a very good indication of what might be […]

Great bad-hair day

Today’s field-work was stunning! We went out to get some hours of Black and White Colobus group behavioral observation in, heading west to the more open and largely unexplored part of the peninsula. First thing we spotted was this beautiful weaver nest. The Colobus didn’t seem to like being watched today. A team member suggested […]