Monthly Archives: February 2010

Digging Up The Past

Well well well, we have had a very interesting day…  Some of you may remember a couple of days last year (one in January and one around November time), when our forest teams stumbled across sad, yet interesting finds.  In January we found a dead infant colobus on the ground, one that could not have […]

New Guides Get Stuck In

Hello everyone,  Quick update on our awesome new guides that are being trained up for the Friends of Shimoni Forest tourist trail.  Like I said in previous blogs, they are three young guys from the Safe Shimoni Youth Group who heard about the opportunity to become forest guides and volunteered themselves.  Their names are Hassan […]

Under The Sea

Reefs are the dominant habitat around tropical shorelines, considered the Rain Forest of the Sea, being highly productive due to the efficient recycling of nutrients and the high levels of biodiversity they support. Coral Reefs are found throughout tropical waters where water temperatures are in a range of 20-30C. The diversity of coral species provides […]

Transect Completed In Shimoni West Forest

Good morning (in Kenya anyway!), I have some good news for those who have been following our progress in Shimoni west forest….we have completed cutting transect 1! For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I will briefly explain.  GVI have been conducting research in Shimoni east forest for four years now, with the […]

Visiting The Experts – Part 2

Hello again!   So as I said yesterday, Kez (our science and training officer) went up to Ukunda to visit the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) Coastal Forest research Unit to gather information on their tree nursery.  This is because we (friends and Shimoni Forest and GVI) are going to be starting tree nurseries in […]

Visiting The Experts

Hey everyone, Just a quick note to tell you all of the very successful trip Kez made to the botanist who works for the National Museums of Kenya, to get his advice, suggestions and knowlegde about setting up a tree nursery (see previous blog about the Friends of Shimoni Forest meeting). It was an awesome […]

Community Conservation Marching Forward

Jambo everyone,   A couple of days ago we had a meeting with Friends of Shimoni Forest (FSF) that went rather well, so I thought I’d tell you about it!  GVI work very closely with FSF, passing on the results of our research to them, and helping them to achieve their aims of community-led conservation […]

Southwest Indian Ocean Whale Watchers

In 2009 GVI started to collaborate with a group of whale enthusiasts whose aim is to track the Humpback Whales traveling along the SW Indian Ocean. Thanks to our volunteers, GVI is lucky enough to be able to carry the marine mammal research every week day, all year around. This allows us to gather important […]

Nocturnal Adventures

Last night was a particularly special night for the lucky folk based in Shimoni.  Instead of tucking ourselves into beds in our house in the village, we all packed water, first aid kits, roll mats and torches and headed out into Shimoni forest for a campout!  We have done this before, but not since this […]

Twende is a Mother!

The GVI Marine team is happy to announce that TWENDE dolphin is a mom!   Twende is the number 004 of our catalogue and she is regularly seen by the research team socializing and feeding in the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park. She has never been seen next to a calf since the research  started in 2006 […]