Monthly Archives: May 2009

Bottlenose Dolphin ‘Besty’ And Her Calf At Kisite

As I mentioned before, the Kusi winds and rain make life difficult for dolphin research on the open seas. Yesterday our efforts on the water went unrewarded again… although I stick with my little mantra that “no data is still valuable data”! Today however the team aboard ‘Lampard’ started with a promising early sighting, a group […]

Grass, Soap And Tourism – Helping Ex-Poachers Kick The Bush Meat Trade

Every few months our team rides the rough, red dusty road through Tsavo West National Park, to the village of Kidong, a small but significant dot on the vast landscape that stretches between Tsavo West National Park across the border to Mt Kilimanjaro. We are aiming to support this community-based organisation for former poachers convert […]

Dolphins: You Wait For Days Then They All Come Along At Once

Hi there, We’ve been a little quiet on the dolphin front lately, but we can blame it all on the weather… and power cuts! Our research boat ‘Lampard’ has been going out, but with rains keeping us anchored for hours on end, and the Kusi winds stirring up the seas, we’ve not had much luck […]

Litter-Picking In The Mangroves

Low tide amongst the mangroves revealed hundreds of tiny male and female fiddler crabs scuttling between little holes in the sand. The aim of our day though was to attempt to clean up some of the mountains of rubbish that travel the Indian Ocean currents from as far as south east Asia, to wash up […]

New Arrivals To The GVI Kenya Team

At the weekend we welcomed 6 new members joinng our research and community development programmes, volunteering their time, enthusiasm and hard-work:   Left to right: Merijn, Kennedy, Muffadal, Karen, Deepa and James Merijn has joined us for 5 weeks from the Netherlands, where he usually spends his days designing computer games… he’s started his real-life […]

Chizi The Lone Ranger

Between nauseous stomachs, blazing sun and turbulent waters, Shafii spots our first and only sighting of the day. With the boat bobbing up and down like a yo-yo and Kate calling out “dolphin, dolphin!” everyone rushed to one side of the boat to catch their look at the sighting. The unique nicks on the dorsal fin gave […]

Witnessing Unique Dolphin Behaviour

Megan is working with GVI over the next few months and describes her experiences on our marine research project so far:  Growing up in the central California desert, I developed a fascination for water. I followed my affinity to Washington State, where low clouds, mist and the Puget Sound shaped my existence for five years. […]

The Frog Blog Part 2

Matt wrote earlier in the week about an exciting frog find in the forest and as Saturday night came round his rainy season wish came true. At our forest base and office in Shimoni we were decidedly ‘off-duty’, kicking back and watching a film… Just before hitting the sack, I noticed a little visitor perched on […]

Sustainable Development Through Dolphin Research – A Dhow For The Dispensary

On the remote island community of Mkwiro where GVI are based, it is has rarely been easy to access healthcare. The community themselves raised money to build a dispensary and for a few years enjoyed medical assistance on their doorstep with a government nurse. However by the time GVI arrived the dispensary had been effectively […]

An Epic Day Of Dolphins (And Turtles)

Keziah gives us the news from yesterday’s marine research:   I woke up 6am in Shimoni, waiting to find out when the boat would come to pick me up at the jetty. With the rainy season, start times of marine surveys become a wee bit unpredictable – with one eye on the rain clouds you […]