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Journey to Jimbo – Swahili Wedding and Community Based Conservation

Saturday morning wasn’t a promising start… pouring rain in which I had to drive Squirrel, our little wooden dinghy, between Shimoni  and Mkwiro… I jumped overboard just to keep warm in the sea! The next stage of the journey was more comfortable; after drying off and dressing up, our small party of staff and volunteers […]

The Frog Blog – Another Amphibian Species in Shimoni’s Coastal Forest

Last week saw the rainy season begin to creep in.  The first few days were fairly tame, with only a few light showers.  But towards the end of the week, the dark clouds rolled in off the sea and the true African rains started. This can make some elements of our forest research slightly more challenging, […]

Marine Research Through the Eyes of a Naval Officer

Jon “JR” Olson is a U.S Naval Attache based in Helsinki.  He has come to the south coast of kenya for two weeks to join GVI in its marine research project in the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Protected Area.  He has kindly written this blog about his first day as part of the research team. The 0530 […]

Appreciating the Wider Perspective

Neil joined us as a volunteer here in Kenya and below gives us his thoughts on the experience: Having travelled for three days – including a wonderful overnight stay at the Reef Hotel in Nyali, Mombasa – it was good to arrive at Shimoni, cross to Mkwiro, and start the settling in process. Meeting lots […]

Land to be allocated to Friends of Shimoni Forest!!!

What is the best way to have your voice herd? How do you convince the people in charge that your cause is important? When it’s the health of our rare coastal forest, how to you get the politicians on your side? Answer: Take it to their door step. And that’s what Friends of Shimoni Forest […]

Working together to end forest destruction.

Drew here with more information on the fire and what’s happening with Friends of Shimoni Forest. Recently a meeting was held with community members and government officials about the destruction in Shimoni forest. This meeting was lead by KWS and involved many members of the community including Friends of Shimoni Forest. We had a major […]

Shimoni Forest Burns

Hello again all, This blog is not a happy one I’m afraid, as I bring you all news of an enormous fire in Shimoni East Forest.  About three weeks ago, we were on Wasini Island – the location of our base – and we noticed an ominous orange glow on the horizon.  It was in […]