Monthly Archives: September 2008

Catching Butterflies with Shimoni School Children

It took a few weeks to get our Saturday morning forest education off the ground, but we know now not to try starting new programmes in the school holidays. However many of the children from last Saturday where back again yesterday for part 2 of our children’s environmental awareness on behalf of our local partner […]

KWS Training Institute Students Visit Mkwiro & GVI

Over the last two years we have been very happy to host Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute students for their field attachments and so support both our partner KWS and the new generation of conservationists in Kenya. As part of our National Scholarship Programme they have always impressed us, and even been recruited for our […]

Mkwiro Fishermen’s Fears Over Local Resource Exploitation

At the end of last week I was asked by the Mkwiro community to sit in on a ‘baraza’, or village meeting, where the fishermen expressed their concerns about the commercial exploitation of their local marine resources by people from outside of the community. They estimate that 98% of the men in the community depend on […]

Humpback whales return in numbers

It must be fate after my final comments on the last blog… the humpback whales returned today and ironically it was the coastal forest research team and not the marine research boat that recorded them! I got a call at around 10am from our team in the forest who had trekked out to the very […]

A Close Encounter with Dolphins

Working on a Sunday isn’t always a bad thing… with tourism still recovering, we are taking every opportunity to join the tour boats and collect research data, so I set off at 8 this morning for a day of dolphin surveys. Towards the end of 2007 we expanded our dolphin research to incorporate the tourist […]

GVI teach Shimoni’s School Children about their Forest

Back in November of last year GVI Kenya helped found the community-based organisation ‘Friends of Shimoni Forest’, our research having raised awareness amongst members of the Shimoni community that their forest was simply too valuable to lose. Friends of Shimoni Forest set out with the aims of conserving the indigenous forest and its biodiversity, supporting […]

Humpback Whale Photos

  In the last blog I wrote about our latest encounter with humpback whales here in the Kisite Mpunugti MPA, so I thought I would share some of the many photos our marine research team on the day managed to get. The mother-calf pair above visited Kisite Mpunguti MPA on Thursday this week Humpback whales, […]

Humpback whales reappear at Kisite Marine Park

The exciting news from our marine research programme today was the reappearance of humpback whales in Kisite Marine Park. The mother and calf pair surfaced near to Kisite Island this morning in front of the team aboard our research vessel ‘Bardan’, a traditional local dhow that also goes by the name of ‘Lampard’ thanks to […]

Power saws and Pouched rats in Shimoni forest

Today we ventured deep in to Shimoni East forest, to transect 5, to undertake bird point counts – we identified three red-capped robin chats foraging close together in the leaf litter, a silvery-cheeked hornbill flying overhead and a sun bird that was too quick through the vegetation to allow us to identify which species. Numerous […]

Kayas of Shimoni Forest Revealed by elders

After the suspension of the GVI Kenya expedition due to troubles in Kenya at the beginning of the year, we are exceptionally pleased to be back up and running. However Shimoni forest (locally known as Mbuyu Tundu) has been hit hard in our absence, with much land been cleared for subsistence farming, continued charcoal burning and […]